Hudson MA Piano Recital

Ed Mascari Piano Studios Hudson, MA Recital

Our 2016 Annual Spring Student Piano Recital in Hudson MA

This recital, featuring 15 elementary, intermediate and advanced piano students was held on June 12 2016 at St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Marlborough, MA. Not far from our Hudson MA Piano Studio. Many friends and family members were in attendance. This marked our 7th piano recital for our Hudson MA Piano Studio students.

Our enthusiastic Hudson, MA audience enjoyed a variety of excellent student performances by Kate Snow, Danica Blood, Emanuelle De Oliveira, Audrey Gann, Augustus Rollin, Audrey Russell, Katherine Lambert, Olivia Buerger, Felipe Tsuruda, William McLaughlin, Oliver Kubik, Gabriella Immanuel, Simon Valentino, Ti-Ti Nguyen and Sam Maston.

The afternoon started off with 10 year old Kate Snow playing Splish, Splash and Get Up and Go Rock. Kate is in the 4th grade at the Forest Avenue Elementary School in Hudson MA. She also enjoys playing the recorder and singing in the River’s Edge Youth Chorus. Kate has been taking piano lessons at the Ed Mascari Piano Studios for 3 years.

Danica Blood was next performing the elementary school classics Twinkle, Twinkle and Muffin Man. Danica is in the second grade at the Mulready Elementary in Hudson MA and this is her first year of piano lessons.

Twelve year old Emanuelle De Oliveira played next with two musical theatre classics Getting to Know You and On the Sunny Side of the Street. Emanuelle is in the 6th grade at the Advanced Math and Science Academy (AMSA) in Marlboro MA. She also enjoys jazz and ballet dance classes. Emanuelle is in her 6th year of piano lessons.

Next up was Audrey Gann performing Rain on the Roof, Yankee Doodle and The Butterfly. Audrey is in first grade at the Raymond C. Richer Elementary School in Marlboro MA. Along with the piano she also enjoys playing the recorder, guitar, mandolin, xylophone.

Augustus Rollin treated the audience to the Theme from Star Wars and The Green Mosquito. Augustus is nine years old and in the 3rd grade at the Blanchard Memorial in Boxborough MA. He’s been taking piano lessons for 2 years.

Another third grader, Audrey Russell was next playing Chilin’ with Chillapilla and Church Bells. Audrey attends the Florence Sawyer Elementary in Bolton MA and also enjoys playing the flute. This is her first year of piano lessons.

Katherine Lambert played Spring from the Four Seasons and Hedwig’s Theme. Eleven year old Katherine is in the fifth grade at the Clay Pit Hill Elementary School in Wayland MA. She plays percussion and has been taking piano lessons for two years.

Thirteen year old, Olivia Buerger, was next playing Hunting Song, Folk Dance and Dancing Puppets. Olivia is in the 8th grade at AMSA (Advanced Math and Science Academy) where she also plays the flute and violin. This is Olivia’s first year of piano lessons.

Felipe Tsuruda played next with Shepherd’s Song and Beginning Rock. Felipe is 10 years old and attends the Clinton Middle School where he enjoys playing the recorder. He has been taking piano lessons at the Ed Mascari Piano Studios for 3 years.

Hudson High School student William McLaughlin was next playing the Dixieland classic Tiger Rag. William has been taking piano lessons for two years. He’s also involved in music theatre and plays the clarinet.

Oliver Kubik was next, playing This Old Man and Over the Rainbow. Oliver is in the fourth grade at the Peaselee Elementary School in Northborough MA. This is his second year of piano lessons.

Marlboro MA resident Gabriella Immanuel performed next with Day Dream, I Am the King and, in a duet with her teacher Robert Canavello, Nostalgic Song. Gabriella goes to the Jaworek Elementary School in Marlboro MA where she also sings in the choir. She’s been taking piano lessons for 3 years.

Another Jaworek Elementary School student Simon Valentino was next playing the piano classic Heart and Soul along with Piano Man in a duet with his teacher Ed Mascari. Simon has been taking piano lessons for three years.

Ti-Ti Nguyen was next performing another piano classic Sonatina in C Major-1st Movement by Clementi. Ti-Ti is in the fourth grade at the Farley Elementary School in Hudson MA and has been taking piano lessons for two years.

Providing a rousing finale to our recital was 14 year old Sam Maston playing Runaway and The Piano Guys version of All of Me. Sam is in the eighth grade at Hudson High School where he plays the clarinet in the youth orchestra. He has been taking piano lessons a total of nine years.

The Ed Mascari Piano Studios Hudson, MA piano recital was followed by a reception at the church where students and families met, talked and munched along with the Ed and our other Hudson MA piano studio faculty members.

Another successful Ed Mascari Piano Studios recital in Hudson MA! Download the complete program for this recital. Read about our Natick MA adult piano recital and our Natick MA piano recital.

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